HOPE - It Starts With You!


Our mission at Eagle Rock is to help at-risk young men find the hope and healing needed to rise up from their circumstances and lead healthy, productive lives.  Their young lives have been riddled with neglect, abuse, abandonment, discrimination, racism, and other extreme and impoverished conditions.  They've learned to survive rather than thrive.  Most are behind 1-3 grade levels when they arrive at Eagle Rock.  They suffer from poor self esteem, are lacking in social skills, have poor hygiene practices, lack respect for authority, and struggle with choosing appropriate behaviors. 


  1. Spiritual Development
  2. Character Development
  3. Behavioral Management
  4. Academic Success
  5. Life-Skills
  6. Work-Ethic Skills


Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, as well as how you can become a member of the Eagle Rock family...

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We would love to share with you the many ways you can connect with Eagle Rock and help young men in our community SOAR as they work towards hope and healing!

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