A spirit of adoption; a story of hope and healing.....

A spirit of adoption, a story of hope and healing! Please read about Andy and Belinda's story and how God has brought tremendous joy to their hearts and homes, expanding their family through the gift of adoption. Their story isn't traditional, and because of that it brings hope that no matter where we are in life, GOD still has a plan and is in control. Sometimes his beautiful plan will completely overwhelm our hearts as its beauty unfolds. We hope you enjoy this story. Please be sure to check out our first edition of the Eagle Rock SOAR newsletter coming out later this year. Thanks to the Hiti family for opening up their hearts and sharing their journey with us all.

Eagle Rock is blessed with a dynamic team of individuals dedicated to "give their all" for the sake of the cause. They are committed to doing whatever it takes to bring hope to at-risk, hurting, abused, neglected, and homeless young men in our community. Their selfless acts of love are echoed every day in the lives of those served at Eagle Rock. The ripple effect is immeasurable as generational cycles are broken through empowering, encouraging, and equipping of the next generation of young men.

This is who Belinda and Andy are! Belinda has faithfully served at Eagle Rock for the past nearly eleven years as Ranch Director, pouring her entire being into the lives of at-risk young men who have been shut off from society as “troubled” or “behavioral.” Regardless, Belinda just loves them. She loves them right away, right where they are, on the way to where they are going. These boys have dealt with rejection, neglect, abuse, violence, homelessness, racism, discrimination, and many other extreme and impoverished conditions in their short lives. They have been deemed the outcast of society, yet Belinda just loves them. Her love and devotion is breathing life into them and showing them there is a better way. The cycle can be broken and it can begin with them.

Andy and Belinda recently expanded their family through the gift of adoption. They adopted their chosen son, James, who they first met as a resident at Eagle Rock Boys’ Ranch many years ago. James was around 16 years old when Andy and Belinda first became a visiting resource for him. He seemed to naturally “fit” in with their family from the very beginning.

“I can't say that any of us sat down and discussed, or formally decided that James would become a part of our family...he just did! I watched him one day rolling his laundry hamper past my office door at Eagle Rock as he was headed to our house for the weekend. This had become a weekly habit and I called out to him that day, "are you thinking if you move in a little at a time we won't notice?" He ran back with that mischievous charming smile and said, Yup, Yup! He stole my heart that day, moved into his room and the rest is history.” – Belinda

Here is a quote from Belinda on their momentous occasion celebrated Sunday afternoon: "It was a day that will live in my heart forever! We had a wonderful day of celebration in honor of our son James Kelley. You see, he became our son more than 10 years ago in every important sense of the word, but on July 20, 2017 he legally became the son of Andy and Belinda Hiti❤️

He became the legal brother of Ethan Hiti❤️. It was a beautiful reflection to us of how God adopted us into His family! We were surrounded yesterday by people who were all family to us and we love each of you and are blessed you are a part of our lives!
We love you James, Ashley and Cade Kelley...you have forever changed our world"

I have to imagine what would have happened if Eagle Rock didn't exist and the Hiti family had never met James. Thank you to all of our faithful supporters who make beautiful stories like this possible. We love each and every one of you.